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About us

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We fiercely seek new and creative ways to build and deliver value for all of our clients using the most effective and up to date marketing tools and techniques.

We encourage our clients to be ambitious and to transform the way they think so they are ready to pounce on opportunities that boost their brand in ways they never imagined possible.

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About HMC

Hunter Marketing Co. was established in 2018 when Founder and Head Marketing Vixen, Kristy Hunter saw the need to support established businesses at a senior level and provide them with the marketing expertise comparable to a large agency. Kristy's 20 years of industry experience and the team's unique skill set, enables us to solve complex business problems effectively and creatively for our valued clients.

We understand that your business may need a lot of support to get your marketing activities off the ground. That's why we've made outsourcing your marketing easy.  Our approach is supportive and our process is clarified and simplified before a customised marketing execution plan begins. Our dedicated and responsive team is determined to help your business grow.

Our brand values

Perceptive, honest & ambitious
We're great at picking up what your putting down. With our marketing knowledge and insights we naturally figure out what our clients need and want. Being honest in everything we do, from how we work and deal with our clients, suppliers, and business partners every single day is vital. We're always striving to produce the best work, the best results, and to be the best people we can be in business and in life.

Patient, respectful & resilient
Patience is important when trying to understand our customers' concerns and problems. Taking the time to learn about their personal challenges allows us to deliver the best tailored solutions possible.
We always treat people in a respectful manner. We do this by being welcoming, responding in a timely manner, being mindful of others, smiling, providing constructive feedback, and by being reliable.
Like most businesses, we've had our own set of setbacks, but knowing how to cope in spite of them is what makes us stronger. We're determined to reach our goals no matter what we're faced with and support our clients while we're at it.

Confident, ethical & competitive
It is our belief that confidence leads to success. We believe in our expertise, our capabilities, our knowledge, and we lead and take action without hesitation. We believe having good ethics in business is vital in helping maintain a great reputation. Having a competitive mindset means we're always determined to win in business and for our clients.

Tenacious, optimistic & humble
We never give up and never stop trying to accomplish our client's marketing goals, we're pretty stubborn about that.
Ultimately, being optimistic leads to opportunities and success in business. Optimism is a door opener, and it can feed upon itself. It's something we promote internally on an ongoing basis.
In order to have a thriving business you need to have an effective team that performs at their best. That's why Kristy provides the HMC team with everything they need to perform at the highest level possible. It's never been about her, it's always about how we all come together and support each other.