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About Kristy

Kristy Hunter is a seasoned Marketing & Brand Strategist and the founder of Hunter Marketing Co. She understands the power of marketing for the success of forward-thinking businesses and specialises in crafting innovative growth strategies and plans.

Kristy combines traditional marketing experience with leading-edge approaches to guide and deliver tangible and measurable results for businesses — driving immense impact for their customers and the world alike.

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Her Story & Vision

With 20+ years in diverse marketing and advertising roles across agencies, start-ups, and large ASX-listed organisations, Kristy has helped notable brands grow and get on the global map. After navigating major agency shifts (and experiencing multiple redundancies), Kristy wanted to take more control of her life & career… and build a sustainable business that supported success for herself, her family, and the community around her. 

Over 6 years ago, she founded Hunter Marketing Co. to go deeper with clients — providing personalised direction, curated plans, and unique approaches. Since then, Kristy has helped countless clients and embraced her passion for supporting women in business — including business owners and even other marketers — continuing to “pay it forward” by helping them develop the skills and strategies to reach their own career and business goals.

Kristy knows the value of being open-minded as a marketer and encourages (and empowers) clients to expand their horizons. She also knows that being “open” means being adaptable — from following market trends and shifts, to helping clients step outside their comfort zones as new technology (e.g. AI) emerges. Kristy stays on top of evolving strategies and technology and also maintains a grounded, big-picture view of how it affects her clients and their businesses, embodying the concept of strategically embracing change, not running from it.

Thought Leader + Community Advocate

Kristy has collaborated with successful industry leaders on countless panels, podcasts, and webinars, all in the name of sharing marketing knowledge and innovation. She is an active mentor, sponsor, and speaker, dedicated to surrounding herself with other leaders across women-centric and visionary organisations. Kristy believes in collaboration over competition, and that when we push each other to be the best we can be, everyone wins.


Providing supportive and practical guidance that helps clients develop unique frameworks and find sustainable strategies they can use long after an engagement is over.

  • Mentoring & career development support for Marketers
  • Marketing Coaching for Small Business Owners

“In the short time we've collaborated, I've gained more knowledge than I have in years. Beyond her expertise in marketing strategies, Kristy excels at teaching and coaching. Her ability to provide constructive criticism, timely encouragement, and appreciation is spot-on. She possesses an unparalleled understanding of marketing and excels in communicating and sharing her knowledge as a coach.”

Ati Nashta, Marketing Coordinator - TPS


Leading in-person and virtual events with curated industry insights on the
real-world impact of emerging trends & tried-and-true strategies — sharing knowledge that empowers innovation.

  • In-person events & webinars
  • Speaking on topics such as Marketing Strategy, Sustainable Marketing, Personal Branding, and AI Marketing

“Kristy’s AI webinar addressed the importance of staying current and provided practical strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the pace of AI advancements. We would be thrilled to explore the possibility of having Kristy deliver ongoing webinars for our community.”

Tash Booth, Director - Future Females Australia


Adding value to panel forums and sharing the spotlight with other thought leaders, fostering collaboration and enhancing industry recognition for the entire community. 

  • Panel Speaker & SME
  • Moderator and MC duties
  • Sponsor and opener

“Thank you for moderating today's Women in Leadership panel, you did a brilliant job, professional as always. You are truly amazing at what you do.”

Kim Puxty, CEO - BSCAA