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About us

We are hunters

We fiercely seek new and creative ways to build and deliver value for all of our clients using the most effective and up to date marketing tools and techniques.

We encourage our clients to be ambitious and to transform the way they think so they are ready to pounce on opportunities that boost their brand in ways they never imagined possible.

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Our story so far

Hunter Marketing Co. was established in 2018 when Founder and Head Vixen, Kristy Hunter saw the need to support established businesses at a senior level and provide them with the marketing expertise comparable to a large agency. Kristy has 20 years of industry experience with the team holding a unique skill set, enabling them to solve complex business problems effectively and creatively.

Our team of experts work with organisations that don't have internal marketing support. From the outset, the Hunter Marketing Co. process is clarified and simplified before the customised marketing execution begins.

Our brand values

We pride ourselves on the way we do business with our clients, colleagues, collaborators and suppliers. We are…

Perceptive & confident

Honest & ethical

Ambitious & competitive

Patient & tenacious

Respectful & optimistic

Resilient & humble (with a great sense of humour)